Mt. Nebo Middle

Boys & Girls After School Club Program

Mission Statement

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Student Surveys

Nov 7-10 (click here)



After hours:

Todd: (801) 357-9838

How it works: After a parent has registered a student, he/she will go to the cafeteria after school where a club advisor will make sure they have been registered. Then they receive a snack and sign into a specific club (check the calendar link for clubs offered each day). The student eats the snack in the cafeteria, cleans up, then heads to the club and stays at that club the entire time. At 4:30 the student will help clean up the club and head back to the cafeteria for another snack, then head out to the buses, or wait to be picked up or walk home.

Do the students have to go every day or stay the whole time? For the most part, no. If a student has to be picked up early, they can. If a student can't attend certain days or weeks, that is fine too. The exceptions are for clubs that require more of a commitment like Underwater Robotics and the Musical. These clubs participate in competitions and performances where they will need to attend regularly or work together as a team.

Where do I pick up the students? Students who need to be picked up from the school will be waiting at the school flag pole or the front commons area ("Panther Den")

What are SEL, SMART, the surveys, and Power Hour from the calendar? In order to pay for equipment, snacks, the club advisors, etc we must fulfill with certain grant requirements. Part of that includes lesson plans from the state like SEL and SMART which encourage positive behavior and thinking. The surveys help provide information on how well the lessons are going. The state also requires that we do what they call “Power Hour“ which is just “Study Hall“ help from teachers to students.

“Registering” VS “Signing-up”: In order for students to stay after school, receive their snacks, and participate in any of the Boys & Girls Club-sponsored activities, they must be registered through BGC. This is where the parent fills out a lengthy Google survey. You know you are registered when you receive regular emails about the clubs. Some clubs at Mt. Nebo, however, require “signing up” for that specific club. These clubs are ones where there is a limited number of students who attend or must be part of a “team” that meets regularly or are working on a project, competition, or performance (such as Underwater Robotics, Drama Competition, 3D printing, etc). For these clubs, parents or students must communicate with that club’s specific advisor in order to sign up and participate.